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Today, you will walk away Knowing EXACTLY Who You’ll Help, How You’ll Help Them, & Why You Need Clarity on This. It’s What Will Stand Behind The Driving Force Of Your Content Strategy to grow your business & increase sales. I GUARANTEE that by the end of the hour you will have a strategy formulated for YOUR business.



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The REAL REASON You can’t actually grow your business until you know....

who you serve and what methods

are available to do so.

Try thinking about people in your business space that you look up to and think about why this is? Could it be that they have something that you desire? It could be a continuity or flow about the way that they work or the way in which they serve their community. Do they always create Instagram posts that generate a lot of ENGAGEMENT?


The one thing in common that all successful business owners have is that they know who they are talking to. Better still they have realised that there are many ways that they can communicate with their community to keep their attention and even leave them wanting more!

Because if you're like most business owners I meet, the biggest HURDLE that prevents you from growing is that darn rock-in-your-shoe question:

“How do I figure all of this out? I don’t even know where to begin.”


Look — we all know that analogy of the plane that leaves Heathrow for JFK and what happens if it’s just ONE degree off. By the time it hits New York, it’s hundreds of miles off-course! 


Choosing the wrong niche and not knowing what to say to your community won’t just send you hundreds of miles off course… it’ll send you to a completely different planet! And that very thought keeps so many entrepreneurs stuck. 


The fear of wasting six months or even six years going in the wrong direction, not understanding that there are multiple ways in which you can and should post, to trigger the algorithm… it causes most entrepreneurs to feel overwhelm which leads to them NEVER even attempting new things like Instagram Reelsl.


And every single entrepreneur who gets stuck here — and stays stuck here — is making one of the BIGGEST mistakes that’s guaranteed to keep them from building a business that creates an impact and gives them the life they want.


And the worst part? They don’t even REALIZE they’re making a mistake that’s costing them thousands of pounds, countless months of wasted time, and an immeasurable amount of lost impact (and maybe you didn’t realize it either… until now).


This is a mistake I want to help YOU fix......

The Cold Hard Truth is: If there is this lack of clarity & direction, then people won’t know who you serve, especially when your strategy is also unclear. And when they are confused they simply won’t buy from you.


Show me JUST ONE successful company you look up to that isn’t known for something SPECIFIC — that doesn’t target a very specific group. You can’t! That’s because they know what you may not have realized until right now: 


When people (including your prospects) have a problem, they seek out the SPECIALIST, not the generalist. And that’s because the brain, in an effort to conserve energy, makes decisions to trust those who are perceived as THE authority. The Expert. The BEST


And NO ONE can be the BEST at everything (not me, and not you!). But anyone CAN be GREAT at one thing… yes, you too! 


If you’ve already felt the nudge towards being a successful business owner, then that means you already DO have what it takes within you to step into that role! And just like I helped so many of my students discover their potential, I want to help you too!



The Content Clarity Solution

A proven method for harnessing the power of posting to speak to and serve your community.  


Understanding the many different ways of posting

How & when to use them

Being clear about who you serve and what you do 

The latest trends that the algorithm favors

Utilizing this information in a cohesive way that will bring your ideal customer directly to you


Finally gain the clarity you crave around your expertise (think about it: if you don’t know exactly what you’re known for... how will anyone ever know you?) 


Learn how to actually reach MORE people and how most are going about it completely backwards.


I promise that by the end of the hour, you will have clarity on this for your business.


The Guarantee That Makes This All A Complete No-Brainer: 


When you join us in the Content Clarity Solution, I guarantee you'll walk away by the end of this training having a deeper understanding of your own direction as well as the community you help.


In other words, you will know EXACTLY the kind of business you are, who you want to work with and have a structure for content creation moving forward that will keep your community engaged.


Why I'm Not Charging for The Content Clarity Webinar:


Since starting by business, I’ve helped hundreds of business owners like you become content creation pros. And having premium prices has allowed me to attract highly committed clients! 


So in regards to this opportunity, I do not offer anything for FREE and chances are never will again! So, why now? Over the past few years, I’ve seen so many of the GOOD entrepreneurs struggle with who their ideal client is and how to communicate with them. It literally has cost them their business. 


Which means if you never get this figured out, you’ll never have the relationship with your clients you desire… which means your business will never be profitable! 


So, it’s for that reason that I want to make sure I get this training into as many hands as I possibly can so I can help you get going to help others even faster. 


The Content Clarity Solution is ESSENTIAL. 

And when you finally do understand how to communicate with your people just consider how much easier your life will be.


If you would like my help and guidance in doing that, your investment price is just your time.


And by passing up on this one-time-offer, are you really saying that understanding your audience and learning how to keep them engaged is NOT worth an hour to you? 

Inside The Content Clarity Solution you'll get......

1. Learn what Content Pillars are & how to choose the best ones for your business to gain exposure and trust in your community.


2. Applying those Content Pillars in your Instagram Strategy  showing your community that you can be depended on for certain types of content.


3. Discussion about the many forms of communication on the platform. When you know all of them, then you can keep your contact FRESH & Engaging!


Once we have all of this information at our finger-tips, I'll show you how to trigger the algorithm to maximise your content!





But wait. There's more!


You'll get my FREE Content Clarity Solution Slide Deck, just for coming along.


If you sign up to the Reels Reveal Bootcamp after this Webinar you will be given a FREE 3 part course on the editing app InShot.

....and as if that wasn't enough, you will also get a FREE Reels Posting Checklist!


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